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  • Resin or Wood - Which Photo Frame?

    Nepal 7x5 (2)WD431-80 Freetown (2)Chelsea Gold Corner (1)

    Resin Photo Frames reach new levels of quality.

    We have seen a dramatic rise in the quality of finish and availability of styles of resin photo frames. You can now chose from Shabby Chic, Vintage Ornate, Driftwood and Contemporary styles made from wood or resin. In this article we shall introduce some of the products old and new and explain the benefits of each.

    Types of Resin Photo Frame.

    Resin frames can be broadly divided into two types: Moulded (cast) or Extruded.

    Shabby Chic Photo Frame Silver Cast Resin Vintage Ornate Photo Frame

    A moulded or cast frame is created by filling a prepared mould with a plastic resin and allowing it to set hard before finishing. The resin can be a plain colour which is then painted and finished in a later process or it can contain pigments and fillers to give a finished appearance. The picture on the right shows one of our most popular products, which is a single moulded resin frame, painted and finished after manufacture with glazing and a back. Frames of this type used to be formed from a single cast block of resin which produced a very heavy product. Recent improvements in manufacture mean that frames are now made hollow, saving weight and material. The appearance of frames which are finished after manufacture can vary slightly, particularly when a shabby chic or vintage effect is applied.


    • Relatively cheap
    • High Level of detail
    • Can be used in humid areas
    • Will not crack or fade
    • No corners means no visible joints
    WD431-46 Freetown (2) Extruded Resin Timber Effect Photo Frame

    An Extruded resin frame is created, as the name suggests, by forcing an expanded polystyrene foam though a former to produce a uniformly shaped straight length of picture frame moulding. The moulding can be embossed or distressed during the process to provide a range finishes including distressed, ornate, driftwood and shabby chic effects. Once the mouldings have been produced they are treated in much the same way as wooden mouldings and can be mitered to length and joined to form a frame. Perhaps the best known manufacturer of  this type of moulding is Emafyl, who still manufacture here in the UK. The picture on the right shows another of our popular products which is made of this material.


    • Dimensionally stable
    • Suitable for humid areas
    • Lightweight
    • Often cheaper than real wood equivalents
    • Made from recycled materials (moulding only)

    Wooden Photo Frames

    233G 16x12 Glass & Back (1) Real Wood Ornate Swept Picture Frame

    Photo and picture frames made from wood continue to be the most popular type of frame which we sell.  A frame made from real wood is often seen as 'the genuine article' and perceived to have value as a natural product. The range of wooden photo frames available is enormous, from a tiny tabletop frame for a treasured photo to a frame in an art gallery spanning the width of a large room. Wooden frames can acquire a finish or patina over the years and a few cracks, chips and dents are often seen as an added attraction as a sign of age.


    • Best finish - particularly gold and silver
    • Widest mouldings
    • Largest range of  frame sizes available
    • Sold as rim only for canvas
    • Easiest to customise


    As production methods improve, the quality of resin photo frames continues to rise. Many of our new ranges of frames require close inspection to discover what they are made of. The popularity of shabby chic and vintage ornate frame styles in recent years has resulted in the introduction of new products of high quality and excellent finish.

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